Earn While You Learn

YES internship program fosters leadership, interpersonal skills and a glimpse of real-world work.Our program offers placements to our students in a variety of sites. These include professional, educational, and cultural institutions; community service organizations; legal and medical offices; business; arts organizations; and professional performance groups. What each student will take home, besides a letter of recommendation, is a unique and irreplaceable experience and a glimpse into a possible career which gives solid direction and focus to their goals.

Etiquette Villa

Personality development is a crucial ingredient for success.We give finesse to those little rough edges so that our students attain a sparkling personality and are ready to face the world with confidence.

At DCM YES's Etiquette Villa, they learn to confidently deliver a public speech, improve their group discussion and interview skills,develop conversation skills, develop extempore skills , developing conversation starters and the art of answering spontaneously with flair and finesse.

Almost all interviews require the students to improvise and answer questions. We prepare them for such group discussions, interviews by conducting a series of mock sessions with a goal to develop their self-confidence.

Secondary students are given emphasis on Social Etiquette. Learning proper etiquette gives our young students the skills that will be useful now as well as later in life.

Dual Diplomas

DCM has entered into an agreement with reputed schools in USA to facilitate an international learning experience to our students in senior grades.

Under this program, DCM has a direct engagement with Houghton Academy, New York, USA who offers an American High School diploma alongside their CBSE studies in India. This program gives a wonderful opportunity for the bright DCMites to attend virtual classes by the Houghton Academy faculty members, in topics of science, mathematics, history and english.

The benefits of this program are:

  1. DCM students get an international learning experience during their school years in India.
  2. The credits to qualify for American High School Diploma will be calculated based on student’s academic performance in CBSE exams.
  3. The required credits can be achieved by attending courses over a customised period of 1 year (Gr. XII), 2 years (Gr. XI) or 3 years (Gr. X). The number of courses per year will vary as per the student’s choice of following 1,2 or 3 years program.
  4. Houghton Academy Diploma will enhance DCM students’ chances of getting admission in top international universities as compared to a regular Indian student having only CBSE certification.
  5. In some cases, the requirement of IELTS will be waived off by the host university from the admission criteria.
  6. The most interesting aspect of this program is that if students would like to move to the USA and attend the classes physically at Houghton Academy, they can do so by leaving their CBSE studies in India and have an exclusive American High School Certification.
  7. Overall, this program is ideal for students who have clear goals for getting admission at top American and other international universities and to potentially move to USA for their future studies.

Career Counselling & Guidance: A launchpad for Student's Future

Career Counselling is the process of guiding students on the path of self-discovery,working with them patiently, supporting them as they weed out self-doubt and make surer decisions based on their interests.If done right, career counseling helps students answer important questions about what to study, where to study, and how to make it happen.

There is a glaring mismatch between skill-building and available future jobs.YES aims to bridge this gap between the school education, higher education and the industry. Our Career Counselors engage the students in various informative career-oriented sessions, panel discussions, one-on-one sessions, webinars and workshops to enhance the student's competencies in educational and occupational exploration & career planning. They guide and assist the YES students not only in their respective career choices but also help them in selecting the best Universities and Career. Specific inputs are given to the students for mapping and aligning career choices to their passions/interests. YES Career Counselors also help the students in exploring Internships, Summer School (both in India and abroad) Programs, Student-led events and other volunteering opportunities. Gaining experience in their field of interest will not only build the students' future-readiness skills but will also allow them to meet professionals working in the same field and learn from them.

Community Outreach Program @ DCM


We envision a society based on the principles of equality and equity. We strive to instill a sense of belongingness and social responsibility in our students. Community Outreach Programs @ DCM are guided by our strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to give back to the society what we have received from it. DCM Group is a staunch believer in the prowess of an educated mind and the impact it creates on the society.

Community Outreach activities and projects develop leadership, resilience, empathy and service-mindedness in our students. The Community outreach program at DCM Group of Schools involve organizing awareness campaigns, visits to old age homes, orphanages, home for the blind, eco-sustainability drives etc. Our students learn early on the importance of developing the spirit of giving back to society and reaching out to theless privileged and marginalized. DCMites regularly associate with NGOs, charities, social workers and causes, to make a difference in the society.


Project Prayaas is a continuation of our endeavors to create a society where all children savor the fruit of holistic education equally without any discrimination. Empowerment through education, is the main objective of the program.In addition to various education initiatives under Vidya Daan, Project Prayaas attempts towards social inclusion through the 4 pivots : Project Shiksha Sarthi, Shram Daan, Ann Daan and Vastra Daan.

"Education for all' was the founding principle behind the inception of DCM and it continues to guide us even today. Project Shiksha Sarthi is an attempt to make quality education available to children beyond our own campuses and is executed through adoption of nearby Govt. schools, organizing Community Days where we invite students from these schools to share our resources like Science Labs, ATL etc.

This project equips girls belonging to economically weaker sections with computer skills to fulfill the aim of Skill India.

Cleaning Campaign: On a mission to promote cleanliness, the school adopts the local Parks, Monuments, Vegetable Market for regular cleaning activity in which the parents, teachers and students take part enthusiastically.

Maintaining the Monuments: Our town is replete with history and we won't forgo our responsibility to keep it alive. The school organizes activities like Heritage Walk, in which the students and teachers visit the monuments and historical places Where they create awareness about the importance of preserving old buildings and monuments.

Following the teachings of the great saint, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who believed that feeding a hungry man is the biggest act of kindness, school adopts Ann Sewa as a monthly activity. The food is distributed among the patients and their attendants in the civil hospital. During festivals, students prepare tasty snacks and distribute them to the children living in the slums. The activity is conducted to celebrate various festivals.

VastraDaan is a program aimed at providing a life of dignity to those who can't afford decent clothing. Our students motivate the community to come forward and take part in the activity by donating clothes to the poor. Every year the school's Sunshine Staff receives the fruit of their magnanimity in the form of brand new winter clothing on Lohri.

Green School

It is an attempt to convert all DCM schools into “Green Schools" and every DCMite into a Green Crusader. Green Crusaders Club, undertakes smart, innovative steps to reduce our carbon footprint, promote a healthy learning environment, and teach students sustainable practices that they can carry with them to their homes too. We ensure that old books and furniture are sent to schools for the underprivileged, and wherever possible, paper has been replaced by the mobile apps to communicate with parents.

Our efforts have been recognized globally also as DCM Ferozepur branch was conferred with " Green School Award" during World Education summit held at New Delhi and Dass & Brown World School was also conferred with Green School Award 2018-19 by the Centre for Science and Environment. Eco-friendly plants have been set up for:
- Paper Recyling
- Solar Power
- Water Harvesting
- Solid Waste Management

Coffee Mornings - PVP


DCM YES strongly believes that Parents are the first and the best teacher a child can have. We therefore welcome all the enthusiastic, skilled and talented parents to come forth and be associated with the school in whichever way possible. YES will encourage the parents' contribution in terms of time, skills and experience to be shared.


Coffee Morning with the Heads of the Schools is one initiative which paves way for bringing the stakeholders of the school closer to the management. Parents across all classes will be invited to discuss and assess the school’s progress, its initiatives and further areas of improvement. Such sessions will create an environment of mutual trust and support between the parents and the school. The feedback of the parents will be sought, viz-a-viz academic programs of the school, Co-Curricular activities, events etc. so that efforts of both parents and school are directed towards achievement of the goals set.

Constant Academic Monitoring

A comprehensive system of assessment has been created according to the latest CBSE guidelines for evaluating each student's progress in academics and beyond. Student portfolios will be maintained and sent to parents to keep them apprised of the academic proficiency and the progress of the child in various disciplines covering scholastic and co- scholastic areas. Students’ growth with reference to attributes such as life skills, attitudes and values will be also assessed to make the assessment wholesome.

Competition Cell - Project HOPE

Learning is a life-long endeavour that continues from infancy to old age. Each of us navigates the learning process in different ways, yielding to our experiences and circumstances.

There are research evidences that from infancy till the age of 11, humans show more plasticity in learning and that is why YES has planned the HOPE PROGRAM starting from grade-Ill onwards. The core idea behind this program is to inculcate intrinsic learning aptitude among the students and prepare them for competitive exams and olympiads from the very beginning.

HOPE is all about concept clarity and enhancing mental aptitude. It has stand alone curriculum designed for higher order learning outcome by experts, where the concepts are taught through experiential learning and rigorous assessments and case studies.


YES will offer world-class Learning Resource Centres with vast reservoirs of knowledge through thousands of national and international reference books, encyclopedias, kindles, story books, periodicals, journals, novels & magazines. We will not only provide an extensive repository of reading material but will also ensure that the children read the same through the initiation of the School Reading Programme which has components like Book Buddies Club, Readers' Hub, Student's Book Review System and Reading Programmes like D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything & Read). These programmes will impart to our students the relevant language skills for the future.

DCM YES takes pride in initiatives like Project Mobilib where books that can be read in a 40 minute time period will be wheeled into the classrooms on a mobile trolley. To give students at YES greater freedom - we will be providing a smart, age appropriate and intuitive reading app. Using the app, students and parents can download and read books on a multiple array of devices. Students will be able to Read anywhere, and anytime, even offline.

To keep pace with the changing times in the digital world, YES will also offer a wide range of e-books series through e-libraries wherein the students can subscribe a book online for a stipulated time period.