The Sports Program at YES will deliver an elite sports curriculum with state-of-the-art facilities and unrivalled education experience, designed to nurture young-sports aspirants and encourage high-performance student-athletes. Students can participate in a rich range of sports commensurate with their abilities and every child will be able to find a skill to become engaged in. At DCM Schools, teamwork is fostered, leaders are identified and developed and students learn much about themselves and others; sport is a vehicle for personal development. The Sports program is designed by fitness professionals to address the growing concerns for the health and well-being of students. Our blue-ribbon facilities will include a 10m Rifle shooting range, Ace Badminton Academy, Deco Turf Synthetic IX layered cushioned basketball court and an elite 25 m swimming pool.

World Class Shooting Range

With a vision to carve out new talents in the field of shooting, polishing young and existing shooters, YES provides a top-notch five lane, 10m shooting range to build physical and mental focus and discipline, advance personal responsibility, and enhance a sense of stronger self. Backed by their expert shooting trainers, the organization cherishes to present structured training programs transforming Indian shooting aspirants into medal clinging athletes. The Shooting Range will be housing several foreign coaches, gun testing facility, a foreign Grip Maker and several other facilities.

Ace Badminton Academy

Ace Badminton Academy at YES premises will meet all the specifications to the absolute. From coaching the students on the ins-and-outs of the sport to honing their athletic skills, we will proudly teach not only the love of the game, but also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork and loyalty. Alongside regular training, we will give each player the individual guidance they need to exceed their potential. We will hone talented players with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport.

Aqua Star Swimming Club

We take great pride in our school infrastructure and our 25m long swimming pool is designed to meet all health and safety guidelines. Through swimming we hope to inculcate in our students qualities like self-discipline, a sense of time management, and confidence. Whether beginner or advanced swimmer, all our students will have access to the swimming pool for physical education. Qualified staff will maintain a high degree of cleanliness and proper water chemistry in our pool at all times. Students will always be under the watchful eyes of trained lifeguards and will be strongly discouraged from breaking pool rules to ensure the best swimming experience for everyone.

Indoor Sports - Chess, Table Tennis, Billiards

The impressive indoor sports facilities available at YES will ensure an overall growth of the student. At YES, more than 5000 sq ft of indoor space is dedicated to various indoor sports. To provide the best indoor sports facility to the students, the school has a sports hall to play many indoor games like Table Tennis, Billiards, etc. Students will be encouraged to engage in cerebral games like Chess and guided to victory by our coaches. Students keen on pursuing martial arts will be given Taekwondo training. Playing such games, under the tutelage of trained coaches will sharpen skills and invigorate the mind.

Outdoor Sports - Golf, Archery, mini Soccer, Cricket, Basketball

Amongst the biggest USP’s of our school is the availability of a large spectrum of sports facilities designed in adherence to the highest global specifications. Researches claim that kids who indulge in sports activities tend to concentrate better at academics too. Thus, we made sure that we have an impeccable set of sports activities for our students to choose from. With its vast campus, YES will have all the modern facilities for sports with well trained and experienced coaches. The playing fields will be extensive and include a pitch which will be used for cricket practice. Our football ground and the golf course will be inviting arenas where youngsters will learn to play these skillful games. Our basketball courts will soon buzz with the thump of the ball.

YES is one of the very few schools that will offer facilities to teach archery to its students. Not only is archery safe and fun, it is a great way to develop focus, self-discipline, build self-esteem, improve hand-eye coordination, and much more.

Elementary Sports

In elementary school, children have to learn fundamental motor skills to ensure a lifetime participation in sports. An essential part of this learning process is organized in physical education lessons and other sport activities during or after school time. The quality and quantity of these activities play a crucial role on the effects. YES has collaborated with a leading sports company with experts from International Sports Federation for customized programs like “Kid Fit” and “Get Athletic” for the budding sportspersons of YES.