Learning Beyond Academics

YES by DCM is one of the few schools that will encourage learning beyond academics, catering to the students' inherent talents and signature strengths.Creative and performing arts, crafts, viz, music, dance, drama and sports is given as much importance as academics. The unique Curriculum of YES,allows students to set skill-based goals as we believe that skill development is absolutely essential to prepare the students to be leaders of tomorrow.

All of these aspects provide a wholesome education which is one of the mainstays at YES. The CCLICK/SLITEE/CLASS Curriculum, Clubs and House System, Community Outreach Programs, inter-school tournaments, inter- house competitions, LitFest, MUN, TED Talks, Interact Club, events at local, national and international levels are just some of the opportunities that are provided to YES students. Through these features we aim to teach skills that prepare students for the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world) that lies ahead of them. The YES Educators encourage learning beyond the prescribed curriculum by conducting various programmes to create the best learning environment. Some of these are :


Star of the Week is a reward mechanism that is used to build our students'confidence. A student is chosen every week to wear the 'star'; the student's parents' can visit the school during that week to share their child's positive attributes with his/her class. Apart from creating healthy self-esteem, this activity also facilitates a strong home-school partnership.

Communication Improvement Plan

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi," English is a language of International commerce, it is a language of diplomacy and it contains many rich literary treasures." DCM Group has always emphasized on the importance of both teaching and learning English language in an accurate manner. The focus is on honing pronunciation and intonation skills, besides enhancement of listening and speaking skills. The regular class at YES conducted by the English teachers covers all these skills, ensuring an overall pattern of learning of the students. Our State of the Art language labs are equipped with the latest audio-visual tools.

At YES, our endeavor will be to prepare the students is not only in senior classes but also in the early years. The students are given a lot of practice in phonics and word blending. This prepares the students to be multilingual from an early age.

Communication is the backbone of the 21st century skills required for overall development and being future ready. Communication enhancing activities like, Turncoat, Declamations, Group discussions, Elocutions, Mock Youth Parliament, Ted-Ed talks, Story-telling and many more are organized in the school from time to time to prepare the students for national and international competitions. DCM ardently believes that, "English is just a language but Communication is an art."

Personalized Learning Plan

A Personalized Learning Plan is a bespoke course of action decided for the student based on his/her interests, inclinations or any inherent talent in any scholastic or co-scholastic subject and is an outcome of collaborative decisions undertaken by teachers, students and parents. Being individualistic, a personalized learning path allows a student to work on different skills at different paces, thereby, bringing in greater coherence, focus and purpose to the decisions students make about their education.

At YES, the customized learning plans ensures that the student is motivated to learn, achieve more in school and feels a strong sense of ownership over their education because they get to decide what they want to learn, how they are going to learn , and why they need to learn to achieve their personal goals.

Under this program, children will be continuously evaluated through a multitude of parameters. A dedicated team consisting of educators, clinical counsellors and child psychologists will be deputed for aligning the optimal learning approaches to every single child who joins the DCM family. We do not follow the outdated mark-centric approach, instead we design an individualized learning plan for our students. In addition to regular curriculum ,we offer specially crafted HOPE curriculum for higher order performers and SLEP for the slow learners. Every child who enters the gates of a DCM school is important to us and we make the best out of every child’s intrinsic abilities and future perspectives. The diverse alumni network speaks of how effectively we have implemented student grooming as per their abilities - from army officers, to IAS and IPS officers, to Laughter Guru to Doctors and Engineers! The list goes on...

Specially Designed & Well Curated Curriculum

YES has a specially designed curricula to meet the expectations of all types of learners. Curriculum Planning has been done covering all aspects of development: cognitive, physical, social-emotional and communication.

One of the main highlights of DCM YES curricula is that they are aligned to various international aspirations such as UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO’s inclusiveness.

We have three standalone curriculum for elementary & primary, middle & secondary and senior secondary segments. As the pedagogical methods are different in various age groups, so are our curricula. For example, a toddler who joins YES will require more focus on his fine motor skill development, proper communication and age appropriate etiquettes, Whereas the middle schoolers will need to be groomed to become self learners via a set of pedagogical approaches. Built on the strong basic curricula till the middle schoolers, our secondary curricula will aim at preparing the adolescents and teenagers to become skilled global citizens who excel in all 21st century traits. Formal and informal Learning Outcome Assessments are also curated to evaluate a child’s exact potential than simply grading them based on their memory. In short, our thoughtfully curated curricula ensures every child’s overall growth with global perspectives.

Visual & Performing Arts Studio

Arts form a core part of life outside the classroom at YES. Arts discipline covers visual and performing arts and ensures that each student understands and enjoys self-expression, creativity and open communication through varying approaches. The YES Art program is designed to help each student express their creativity while teaching the foundational artistic concepts. The program is integrated with classroom curriculum while collaborating with the rest of the specialist team, in order to extend and deepen each child’s learning experience. In addition to art creation, students are continuously guided to make connections and respond to a variety of artworks to further their appreciation of the visual arts.


At YES, we believe that the students discover their artistic potential in many ways - through basic art workshops, painting or drawing classes or by working on an academic project. As they learn about the basic techniques needed to give an artistic form to an idea/concept, they also learn to understand art & craft with respect to other disciplines viz maths, science, history, geography, technology etc. Students are exposed to a wide range of art forms and cultures from different eras and are encouraged to use their canvas to express their key learnings.

Students learn all forms of traditional arts in a curriculum customized for them by a team of our enriched educators.


Nurturing the budding Picassos, Da Vincis, Monets, Raphaels, M F Hussains, Jamini Rays of Tomorrow

To enhance the artistic skills of the students, YES has setup well-equipped "Creative Arts" studios where the students learn the intricacies of various forms of Creative Arts. We focus on various art forms ranging from ceramic applications to sculptural techniques to woodwork, drawing & painting and even using technology in the form of multimedia, animation ,film making etc.

The Creative Arts department and the School's Picasso Club actively hosts children's artwork exhibitions and competitions. Students are encouraged to work and experiment with various mediums like oil, water, charcoal, crayons and even plasticine. The Creative Arts faculty provides guidance and encouragement to their protégés to participate in the State, National and International Level Competitions.


Students need to be in sync with their inner self. For this purpose, YES offers best performing arts facilities to each student. Performing arts curriculum includes training in dance, theater, music, and vocals in both theory and practice. Music Mentors introduce music across different genres.

The "Performing Arts Studio" is an arena with a dedicated rehearsal studio and green rooms, one collaborative studio as well as separate practice rooms, for Indian and Western music. In-built lighting and ventilation further creates a pleasant vocal booth environment.

Being part of theatrics is another important part of curriculum at YES. To celebrate cultural diversity ,students are given theory lessons along with role-play sessions to make them understand the cultural shifts. Theatre offers a brilliant opportunity for our students to improve on their fluency and performance skills.

We have a separate studio for students to use their imagination and make their own creations which helps foster a sense of creativity . With Indian designers fast making a name for them around the world, it’s a matter of time before a YES student joins that list.

Vocational & Skill Development Centre

At YES, we believe that Vocational Development and Skill Development go hand in hand and in India, there is a dire need for both. The School introduces various recognised vocational education courses for its students viz, FMM, Insurance & Banking, Agriculture, Health & Hygiene Courses etc. through which the students gain skills & experience directly linked to a career in future. It helps students to be skilled from early years and in turn, have better employment opportunities. We ardently believe that mainstreaming all forms of learning and skills integrates not just the hands-on skilling component but also the theoretical knowledge, attitudes and mindsets, and soft skills that are required for particular occupations, through a broad outlook based education. This contributes to the economic goals of individuals and the nation in multiple ways.

Clubs & Houses


At YES, the House System offers the prospect of healthy competition in a highly stimulating environment. It also helps in building positive self esteem and leadership qualities. The School has four houses namely Red Raiders, Yellow Yeomen, Green Gems and Blue Bravos. Each house is an autonomous unit under the care of a House-In-charge and Prefects. Inter-house competitions will be a part of YES , which gives the students abundant chances to display their skills, literary talents and to boost up their creative thoughts. The concept of accumulating house points also brings a spirit of cooperation & healthy competition amongst the house members for academic achievement, sporting prowess, drama, debate, music, etc.


Deeply woven into the fabric of education at YES is the philosophy that experiential learning, skills and theory are inseparable .To combine these components and to help our students compete in the rapidly changing world, various clubs are setup. DCM YES is a place where theory meets practice and classroom assignments require Experiential Learning. Various Clubs and societies at YES like the YES Green Crusaders Club, YES Speaker's Forum, YES Spotlight Club, YES Symphony Club, YES Book Buddies Club etc, encourage activities for individuals as well as for groups.These clubs help the students develop an interest in areas like environmental protection, film making, photography, painting, stage performances etc. To give an impetus to the imaginative faculties of the students, YES Kathashala Club is setup, where students learn the nuances of writing a literary piece of EXCELLENCE. These clubs are not just competition driven, but focus on exposing students to new experiences to enrich their lives.

Learning Resource Centre

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” DCM YES believes that to read is to travel the world. Children learn new words as they read. Subconsciously, they absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use words and other language features effectively in their writing and speaking. To ensure that the students get world class exposure to literature; vast reservoirs of national & international books, thousands of reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, DVDs etc are sourced in the Learning Resource Center. Many reading initiatives, such as YES Book Buddies Club, YES Readers Hub, D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) are conducted to impart the relevant language skills to the students for a better future.