World Class Campus

The beautifully designed YES campus offers ample room for children to explore and grow. The structures are ergonomically designed that radiates positive energy with natural lighting & greenery for the adequate flow of fresh air which enhances the free flow of thoughts.

YES campus is designed to cultivate competent and conscientious individuals. The school is built in a modern space, so as to not just adapt to the growth around the city but also help the students develop an independent way of intelligence. The marvelous architecture ensures that the campus is environment friendly with an immersive learning experience. YES is nurtured to be home to thousands of pupils learning in the YES way.

As a contemporary school, the design influences are in tune with evolving trends in education and global architecture. The campus has been planned keeping in mind the evolving educational needs of all the children while providing modern amenities which gives each classroom a comfortable learning environment. The infrastructure includes multiple avenues for learning and self expression. Our focus, is on providing learning places that nurtures the minds of the students and makes YES a happy place to come to for the students & staff.

State of the Art Facilities

DCM YES is a flagship facility wherein the students benefit exponentially from its state-of-the-art infrastructure & amenities. The meticulously landscaped campus cradles facilities for a wide range of sports, extra-curricular and outdoor activities. The radiant interiors fosters quality learning. Friendly colors have been chosen to improve visual processing and emotional intelligence. An open air theatre, sports & games field, life skills development studios, a multi-purpose auditorium & a learning resource center completes the picture for unbridled growth.

The school has well equipped laboratories for all subjects. With an aim to nurture the child's creativity, the framework has been especially designed to suit the 21st century competition, with a focus on holistic skill development, sports and skills such as business & entrepreneurship. To fulfill the future educational needs, YES provides an international perspective to the students through a skillful environment.

Key Details of the facilities are:

  • Digitally Networked Smart School, Excellent ambience, Ultra Modern Labs with latest teaching aids, beautiful Landscaping, Multimedia teaching technologies, Wi-Fi Campus.
  • State of the art Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies and Maths alongwith AI/Robotics, Special Language Lab.
  • Kids Amusement Park with rides, toy train, rabbits, ducks and life sized animated characters.
  • Experiential Learning Studios with project based learning, Finishing & Grooming classes for girls.
  • Activity Block with meditation, music, art & craft, social science room and Dance room.
  • Hi-tech Library, Separate Computer labs for Junior & Senior wings, 24 hour high speed Internet connectivity, Smart Boards.
  • Conference Room for discussions.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) labs and spaces unique to YES.
  • e Counseling Cell, Provision for day-boarding, safe and secure environment with round the clock security. Special classes for IIT, NEET/JEE, AFMC, AIIMS, NDA, NTSE, KVPY & other entrance test preparation.
  • Facilities for indoor & outdoor games under the guidance of expert coaches & special arrangement for adventure camps.

Health and Wellness Centre

When it comes to taking care of our children , we ensure that we take utmost care. Our wellness centre is properly equipped with the state-of-the art medical equipment, and doctors who have exceled in their specialization. The health and wellbeing of the young learners is of utmost importance to us. Staffed with a physician, a nurse, a dietitian and a school counselor, the School's Health & Wellness Centre offers a full range of high-quality care, treatment, counseling and referral services.In case of any injury or illness, students receive immediate medical attention. The school also has an ambulance at its instant disposal, in case a student needs specialized medical attention and has to be taken to hospital. The school has tied-up with leading hospitals in Ludhiana for providing immediate treatment. In addition to this, reputed Doctors will visit the school and advise students on healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Safety and Security Protocols

At YES,we respect the dignity of each individual regardless of any factor.The School helps to achieve excellence by promoting a culture of learning, appreciation, tolerance and understanding. Each member of the YES fraternity treats everyone with care and respect and values and differences (if any).

E-Surveillance: We emphasize a lot on safety and security.The campus is monitored 24/7 through CCTV cameras. The access to school building by outsiders is controlled and monitored at all times. Dedicated security measures in and around the boundaries of the campus ensures an inhibited and safe environment for the students . Parents can track the performance of their wards through various means such as School's in-house ERP, SMS alerts etc.

Pastoral Care and Counseling Cell

Education plays an important role in the progress of an individual and the country and is a never-ending process of inner growth and development. The guidance and counseling of students is an integral component of the educational mission of the school as we provide counseling programs in three domains: academic, career and personal/social, thus covering all 5 strands of pastoral care viz, : Healing, Sustaining, Guiding, Reconciling and Nurturing.

These services and programs help students resolve emotional, social or behavioral problems and assist them to develop a clearer focus and sense of direction. The counseling program at YES will be run by highly experienced counsellors who play a fundamental role in the schools atmosphere and is a crucial element in improving students achievement.

We conduct life skills sessions and workshops that prepares our students for various situations, From emotional issues to cyber etiquette and safety to effective parenting, our sessions are an immense source of practical training and knowledge for our students (and their parents as well), thus encouraging a positive attitude.

Learning Spaces: Anytime, Anywhere Learning

The word classroom usually conjures up a certain image: chalkboards, a large desk in the front of the room for the teacher and rows of individual desks. What is unique about YES classrooms is that they will be filled with ergonomically designed chairs, maneuverable student desks and an up-to-date technology, allowing teachers to continuously redesign their classroom space for all types of students. On top of all this, when students aren't in the class, they will still be learning in one way or the other either by using technology or by using the Building As A Learning Aid.

The entire focus at YES is to make every space a learning space in the building, whether it is a hallway, a classroom or a staircase.

At YES, we ardently believe that the 21st century soft skills like, Collaboration, communication and creativity need to be imparted in the students.Flexible learning spaces that make the most of a school's technological resources will help facilitate this goal at YES.